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    1、外觀特點 1. Appearance characteristics A.滾動體直徑加大,滾動體長度加大。B.保持架由外圈擋邊引導滾子,減少對滾子的作用力。 C.采用內圈擋邊引導滾子,改善滾子運轉。 D.圓柱滾子軸承保持架采用整體式結構,強度大大提高。 E.調心軸承外徑設計有油槽油孔,潤滑效果好。 The diameter of the A. roller increases and the length of the rolling body increases. The B. cage is guided by rollers on the outer ring to reduce the force on the roller. C. uses inner ring to guide rollers to improve roller operation. D. cylindrical roller bearing cage adopts integral structure, and its strength is greatly improved. The outer diameter of the E. aligning bearing is designed with oil groove oil hole, and the lubrication effect is good. 2、選用材料 2. Selection of materials A.內外圈及滾動體采用真空脫氣軸承鋼,耐疲勞性能好。B.保持架采用鋁鐵錳青銅材料,強度高,彈性好,耐磨性能更好。 A. inner and outer rings and rolling bodies adopt vacuum degassing bearing steel, which has good fatigue resistance. B. cage adopts aluminum iron manganese bronze material, with high strength, good elasticity and better wear resistance. 3、熱處理方式 3. Heat treatment A.內外圈采用貝-馬混合淬火或馬氏淬火+高溫回火,硬度均勻,內應力小;韌性好,抗沖擊和振動。 B.在150C溫度以內工作時,穩定性好。 The A. inner and outer rings are made of shell and horse mixed quenching or martensitic quenching and high tempering, with uniform hardness, small internal stress, good toughness, impact resistance and vibration. When B. works at the temperature of 150C, the stability is good. 4、公差及制造工藝 4, tolerance and manufacturing process A.嚴格按P6級精度標準制造,尤其內外徑公差度很小。 B.滾動體尺寸相互差≤0.002 C.圓柱滾子外徑有凸度修行,避免應力集中。 D.滾動表面超精處理,光潔度高。 A. is strictly manufactured according to P6 level accuracy standard, especially the tolerance of inside and outside diameter is very small. B. roller body size difference is less than or equal to 0.002 C.. The cylindrical roller has a convexity outer diameter to avoid stress concentration. D. rolling surface ultra precision treatment, high finish. 5、內部游隙 5. Internal clearance 游隙按振動機械要求生產,范圍控制在很小范圍內,一致性好。 The clearance is produced according to the requirements of vibration machinery, and the scope is controlled in a very small range, and the consistency is good. 6、使用效果 6. Effect of use 噪音低,溫升小,穩定性好,使用壽命長,沒有早期疲勞現象。 Low noise, small temperature rise, good stability, long service life, no early fatigue.
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